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Welcome to ♥Love Cakery...

...Watch this space for our launch!

For more information on made to order 'cuppycakes', email:

♥ LC

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Reader Comments (2)

Can we purchase cakes online? What type of cakes do you offer? Where are you based? :)

Our 'cupcakery' is a small London based organisation who cater for most events, launches or personal parties. We will be updating our site information with Menus and home recipes as well as more info about LoveCakery.

In the meanwhile, check out our other pages and 'Like' us on Facebook or 'Follow' us on Twitter...

Also, watch this space for upcoming events, as we will be Launching around London with free tasters, as well as special offers.

♥ LC

March 22, 2011 | Registered Commenter♥LC

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